Tuesday, March 16, 2010

bimey..is it that long since we chatted?

So a lovely childhoood friend stumbled upon my blog today.... and reminded me that it actually existed....so obviously I re read the past and it prompted me to come back on and update my virtual life record.
Life is GOOD...my children are sometime the biggest problems and hinderance to my getting through the day in one piece..mentally that is...but on the other hand they are the solutions, promises and the gate way to the future I have always dreamed of. I am lucky enough to have a great career,wonderful friends that are always there as mentors, partners in crime and hug blankets in life..no matter how near or far they may be....and I have spent the last 15 months in the arms of a wonderful man that I adore on every level.
I still have challenges..my ex wants to get every penny he can from me to fund his new life with the girl ( now fiance) he met in rehab...but eventually justice will prevail and I can move on legally with our life....regardless we will be FINE..more than fine,I will encourage my kids to seek out the extraordinary...because boring..is generally , well predictably..boring.
Being a mum of 1 + twins thus far has bordered on traumatic...I am expecting the scales to tip more the other way each year that passes ..and look forward to having deep laugh lines in my old age.

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