Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summertime and the living is easy

Goodness me..has it really been that long since I last posted? I am SO busy you would not believe!

I am 24 weeks pregnant with the twins today, and I have celebrated with a Dennys breakfast this morning and floating in THE POOL all afternoon to keep cool!BLISS!!Why am i celebrating? Well as of today IF the girls arrive they will in all likelyness's one of the last milestones I have to overcome on this rare pregnancy journey. I am no longer working as I am on disability till the birth ( actually better off financially, as don't pay tax on my reduced earnings). My doctor wants me to rest and take it easy until I go inpatient in hospital for 4 weeks of fetal monitoring before a planned C-section at 32 weeks...

Many families in the USA opt to go inpatient from 24 weeks( minimum viability), but after alot of soul searching and advice we decided 28 weeks was right for us, as we just felt that the issues and medical complications that effect tiny premature babies ( 24-28 weeks) were something we did not want our family to go through/deal with, and when we go in for monitoring it means we are essentially saying we are prepared to have an emergency C-section IF the twins go into distress ( possibly indicating cord compression issues) whilst they are being monitored. It's certainly not a fun job discussing or thinking on these decisions, and there seems to be no right or wrong answer..what we do know from all the research is , that at 28 weeks they have a vastly increased chance of having no 'life long complications', and by 32 weeks they should be well able to handle life outside the womb....staying inside any longer has been likened to " being a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs" by one woman on the support site I belong 32 weeks is the MAGIC number...please pray ( or keep your fingers crossed) that we make it!

It's kinda weird as people keep asking when i am due( because I look much bigger than my 24 weeks) , and I find myself stumped for an answer! I mean, my offical due date is given as November 11th, but 32 weeks is September just isn't an easy question to i just say I am having twins so I'll be having them much sooner than my November due date...then I run ( well waddle fast holding my belly! ha, ha)

I have crammed quite alot in the last 4 weeks.I have been to Portland in Oregon for a weekend with a friend ( last solo trip for me for the next 18 years I expect), which was great, we hired a Mustang Convertbile, shopped, ate ( she drank :<)
stayed in posh hotels and pretended we were young,rich and free of family and other commitments ..luckily I have a very vivid imagination ( being an only child helps) , and we had a few Thelma and Louise moments that I really enjoyed. I also went away for 5 days last week to a friends cabin about 4 hours North of the city, in Northern Saskatchewan. It was bliss..BD stayed over 1 night, then the boy and I just chilled out at the beach and topped up our tans with my wonderful friend and her family..I didn't know that there are over 100,000 lakes in this province of Canada, mostly up North, and after seeing some of this myself I can see why people love it up there! I think we are going to have to invest in a cabin, boat and better fishing tackle..for sure the kids would LOVE it..Dylan is such a beach, surf dude all ready, and he spent HOURS just amusing himself in the shallows. The water is that warm, it was lovely to cool off...just wish i didn't look like an obese Pamela Anderson in my pregnancy bikin!!

As for how i am feeling, well, I DEFINITIELY feel heavily pregnant now, at the last scan the girls were both over a 1lb, and they are KICKING me all over! I am allready noticing different 'personalities' . One of the girls is at the top of my womb ( above my belly button to the right) just under my ribs, and the other is bottom left under my belly button. The top twin has one hell of a kick and is quick to let me know when shes A. Hungry B.Awake C.Enjoying the Food. She just loves it when I eat and gets all excited,especially when I have something sweet ( which is rare as i don't have a sweet tooth). Bottom twin kicks are much softer and less frequent, and I think she is just dominated by the top twin. She is most lively first thing in the morning when they both kick me out of bed for breakfast ( no lie ins here)'s a really bizarre feeling being kicked all over at the same time by 2 pairs of little feet and hands i can tell you!
I am struggling to get in and out of bed and chairs, and am suffering with horrendous acid reflux that shoots up my throat at 100mph making me gag... so instead of a bottle of wine being my solace, these days it's a glass of Gaviscon that i have before bed!
I was never blessed with particularly thin ankles or legs,( blame my mother..she should have made me stick to dancing when I was a kid!)now I regularly have wonderful swollen feet and 'Cankles' if I don't remember to elevate my feet..very sexy!

The boy goes back to day care next week, to give me a rest, so I will have more time to keep this updated!