Thursday, May 24, 2007

Answers please!

So..guess you are wondering what happened .....

The long holiday weekend was pretty uneventful, and it just seemed to drag we waited for Tuesday's scan and appointment with Dr M. I took it really easy, as I hadn't stopped bleeding entirely..not much to speak of really..just enough to make me a little more anxious( if that was possible).
To make matters worse blood is appearing from my other orifices too!!My nose is really annoying as I keep having nose bleeds..and brushing my teeth creates a tidal wave of blood in the sink..nice!! Apparently your gums and the skin of the inner nose is similar to your womb lining..and when you are pregnant it is extra sensitive..ahh the joys of motherhood and pregnancy!! Virgins take note..this is the mess SEX can get you into!

I didn't sleep well on Monday night and Tuesday couldn't come too soon..the tension had been hanging in the house, and if we had waited any longer I think BD and I would have killed each other. It's just so frustrating when something is so completely out of your control..he probably didn't know what to say for the best, and he does tend to dwell on the negative sometimes( he says he's a realist) ..and I was trying to be my normal positive self..whilst fighting the horrible fears and thoughts that were popping into my head. On the way to the Dr's I couldn't help but think..what if we get there, and 1 or both have died..and I didn't even know...because that's what can happen to mono-mono twins..horrible!

The ultra sound Dr was great, and to my utter relief the babies were just fine, and putting on a little show for that I KNEW what to ask, I said we'd been told they were mono-mono twins as there was no dividing membrane..was this true?? After some more measurements and a closer looking he had to admit that he still didn't see a membrane..and when i asked more questions he told me to speak to Dr M ..who really was the expert.. BD then took the opportunity to ask if he could tell the sex of the babies..again he said it was too early to be sure...BD looked annoyed and muttered something about seeing something on the scan...yeah right.. wishful thinking!! The Dr printed off a scan picture for us to take home,which was taken looking down on the tops of the 2 heads ( see scan pics I have attached)...they are SO close and look like they are fact they are almost spooning each other....which means they must take after me BD thinks spooning is 'gay' ( along with holding hands in public and any form of PDA...professional sportsman thing again!), and only partakes in it with me a few times a year..under duress!

We were ushered into an examination room to await Dr M..I had a big list of questions to ask, from our research..and was nervously rustling the papers when she came in. Dr M has come highly recommended and everyone I have spoken to has said she's the best in the I was happy to see her. She comes across as very professional and answered all our questions efficiently and to our satisfaction...unlike other horror stories I had read she was not all 'gloom & doom' about mono-mono twins, and had dealt with a few in her time ..with 'favourable outcomes' ( I didn't ask what she meant by that). She said that 8/10 times this situation arose they actually found a separating membrane at some point on the scans (as the babies get bigger it is easier to see apparently)..but she was going to be treating them as mono-mono twins until that membrane was found...hurrah an optimist like me!!

She said we were going to be sick of scans, as from now on we are having scans every 2 weeks at the University hospital fetal unit , on the most powerful Ultra Sound and scanning equipment, that would be much more in depth and done by the specialist sonographer! I felt INSTANTLY relieved..this woman KNOWS whats she's talking about..we both feel like the babies are in safe hands! Although we still do not know 100% definitely what the situation is.

We left happier than we arrived, although I was a bit annoyed that I hadn't had a pelvic exam..bloody typical, i am all clean, tidy and ready for it..expecting this Dr's thorough exam to include all the others..and for the first bloody time I kept my knickers on in a Dr's office in Canada! BD found this amusing!

Well then, back to as normal..however everyone at work is now staring at my bump before giving me eye contact( the twin secret is out) wonderful jiggly boobs are once again being ignored! My bump seems to have taken on a life of it's own..and is growing by the hour, and I have had a few people who I don't know ask .." whens your baby due?" when I respond I don't really know, as it's twins..I become REALLY interesting and they look either shocked, amused or pitiful ( or all 3 one after each other)..but mostly just laugh and shake their heads! My clients and colleagues mostly laugh and remind me of my 'plan' to return to work straight after the baby was born!! Yeh, yeh..that will teach me to be so blase!

Some GREAT things about being pregnant with twins..
1. The Dr said I can eat ....wait for it......3200 calories a day!!!! YES..stuffing my face under Dr's orders ..what a result!!
2. I don't have to suck my belly in anymore! In fact it is impossible!!
3. If there are no seats in a room or meeting , someone gives me theirs..nice.
4. BD HAS COOKED DINNER TWICE in FOUR DAYS!!!!!! Previous to this it was twice in 4 years!!!!What a star ( and both meals were good!! Bison burger and blue cheese on the BBQ with salad , then Perogies and potatoes the next time!!)
5. The Dr said I shouldn't do any housework or lifting!!HURRAH!!! I had stopped our 2 gay cleaners in April to save cash....I can now get them to come back again..Dr's orders!( I missed them dreadfully..they had wonderful gossip and are ever so bitchy..I am such a FAG HAG..oh , and they cleaned beautifully..perfect men!)

I am sure as I get ever bigger this list Will grow...however I am more sure..that the list titled "some things NOT great about being pregnant with twins" is going to be VASTLY longer!

Off to have a bath...whilst I can still get in and out without a hoist and pulley system!

X slw X