Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The rollercoaster ride continues

Just got back from a long weekend at a friends cabin by a lake a few hours away from the city. The boy and I went with a girl friend and her 2 boys, and it was lovely. The weather was hot(above 30degC every day)and I have to admit i missed the air conditioning on a night,as it's now getting harder and harder to get comfortable in bed..and get in and out too! WE had a blast and were totally spoiled by my friend Deenna, who is the hostess with the mostess! My appetite is quite scary and I have put on 36lb, so when someone offers to feed and cook great food for me, I am thrilled!
This however, is my last journey outside of the city till the girls are born, as I found out my hospital schedule at my Dr's appointment last Wednesday. I am to go into the hospital for monitoring on August 20th and am scheduled for a c-section on September 18th! YIKES! It's close! The appointment went well, and the Dr estimated their weights as 1lb 6oz & 1lb 10oz, so all the food is working!!
BD stayed home and hung out with friends, our relationship is getting tense, as i am in nesting mode and he is in denile. I am concerned about finances, lack of family support and help when i get out of hospital and after the babies come home ( my family is in the UK and his live over 2hours away), missing home when I go into hospital for weeks and I am also still worried about having to have an emergency c-section if anything goes wrong!
BD lives in the NOW and is not looking or thinking about the future at all it seems,which frustrates the heck out of me. I am more emotional than normal, and have to admit I am taking it personally. It's not like he has changed, he has always been like this ( and most of the time it has been something i have accepted and hasn't bothered me) but right now I can't stand it and need him to wake up and realise I am justified in being concerned about things..we need to both be ready for this, as life is going to change for ever when we become parents of 3!