Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am alive and well!!!!!!!

PHEW!! Guess you have been wondering where the heck I'd gone! My fancy lap top broke and had to be sent away to the manufacturer to get fixed..I just got it back today, and I will never let it go again! Isn't it just TOO funny how you become so dependant on things....SO, whats new in my crazy life i hear you cry???

Well, I will give you the somewhat shortened version of the last 4 weeks activities:
I have been for multiple scans, and assessments ...and I am sorry to confirm that I am definitely carrying Mono-mono twins! We were really disappointed when it was confirmed, as we had almost convinced ourselves that a membrane would be found, and I would be able to Carry them as long as possible..but it's not to be I'm afraid, and we have to accept the facts and deal with them..on the GOOD side, the little peanuts are perfect in every way, as far as the Dr's can see..and they are definitely 2 beautiful little GIRLS!!!!! Hurrah!!BD is all ready planning 'scaring the date' tactics and has mentioned ideas like.. loaded shotguns by the front door, or showing them his 'best of hockey fights'dvd ( in which he knocks out and knocks down quite a few players) before they take his girls on dates!! Moving to Alaska is another option to consider apparently!

I am just thrilled, as is our son ( who loves girls toys and dressing will fit in with them just fine) and both sets of's just one big excuse to go crazy in the i am sure mothers of sons that are reading this will agree with me, there is TONS more fabulous clothes and things for girls than boys out there!

So, what else has been happening..well, I am getting bigger by the day, and will post some pics for you to look ( and laugh) at tonight..I am 20weeks now, and past the 'danger zones', and am getting pretty tired. I am probably quitting work next week, as the last thing I want to do is go into premature labour from working too hard, the ideal is to deliver by C-section in 12 weeks ( 2 months early), so i would hate to have to be rushed in for an emergency rest, rest, rest is advised.

Speaking of rest, a funny story that happened last week. It gets pretty hot here in this part of Canada for a few months in the Summer, so I decided to buy an inflatable 'over ground' pool to put in the back garden for me and my son to enjoy in the hot weather. It is called an 'Easy Ground Pool' and is 16ft across and 4.5ft deep ( had ladders, pump and everything) and was on sale at Sears. Anyone thats been pregnant knows how much a relief it is to float around when you get bigger, and i didn't want to go to the local pool ( I'd probably raise the water level and flood the place when i got in!) this was a perfect idea!
What i didn't count on was the ridiculous instructions ( 40 mins and you'll be swimming...YEH RIGHT), and the ineptness of BD and his equally DIY distressed buddy..what a took forever to erect, them putting stuff together, then me reading the instructions and 're-putting' it together again..then after 6 hours of filling this thing with our garden hose, it was only 1/2 full, so we turned off the hose, covered up the pool and went to bed..then turned on the hose the next morning....MISTAKE!! Unbeknown to us ( and not mentioned in the 5 instruction manuals) you cannot 1/2 fill it, then leave it, as it will settle funny and may be lopsided ( read this on a website AFTER it was too late) guessed it, we had spent nearly 2 days setting up a lopsided fact you literally had to swim 'uphill' ! By this point I was fed up and just said leave it to warm up and we'll just live with it that way ( 3ft high one side 3.5ft the other). Unfortunately the Spring weather here had other ideas..the warm days disappeared and 10-13degC returned, on fathers day we went down to BD's folks in a city a few hours away and it was POURING with rain all day, when we got back on the evening a storm started that raged all night, and when we looked out of the window in the morning the patio furniture glass table was in a million pieces, and the umbrella was in the pool! The cover was stuck in a tree and the pool was filled with debris and had turned a wonderful shade of green!!! ARGGGGH! A GREEN, DEBRIS FILLED UPHILL POOL! Not what I had in mind at all! Hope to start again this weekend..will keep you posted on this saga!

Anyhow, thats all for now..lots more to tell you, but PLENTY of time to do all that later.