Monday, August 11, 2008

New beginnings

So much has transpired over the last 11 months it's hard to know even where to begin...
The girls are healthy, happy little princess's. Esme is crawling around and Eden is mad that she's not they have 12 teeth between them, and love their food..I am truly blessed to have 3 such wonderful children.

I am a single mother of 3, as I left BD in May..he fell into Drug addiction and offered me no choice but to end our life as a family together. Hard is not the word for the times i have experienced lately, but every time I look in my childrens eyes I get strength that fills me completely. I am hopeful for our future, and hope BD battles his demons to become a great Father in the future...but I will never forgive his actions only be there as a friend and co-parent for our children..he has moved to British Colombia to start his new, sober life , and I wish him luck.

So here I am in a strange land, in a position I never thought I would ever be in. Thankfully I have wonderful friends around me, a great career and perhaps, just perhaps a brighter, better future than I ever imagined.....I never thought this is how my story would end when I started this bizarre life is indeed.