Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Girls are home!!!

This is going to be a really brief post, seems my life is not my own any more..I even have to schedule my toilet breaks these days!!
I am writing this whilst breast feeding Esme,Eden is squeaking at me from her car seat next to me and my boy is asking for a snack. Thank god I can multi-task with the best of them!
The NICU journey lasted 25days, it is a time I both want to cherish and forget,and the girls never looked back from day 1..I am in awe at the strength of these little ladies and also at the dedication, care and support the NICU staff who looked after our precious girls..now the fun truely begins.
They arrived home on Sat 13th, and I got quite emotional leaving the NICU ..must be geting soft in my old age..all 5 of us squeezed into my little Dodge Caliber and our son Dylan sat in between his new sisters looking proud and shocked at the same time..come to think of it BD had the same look on his face..bless..it was so nice to arrive home as a family complete at last.
Sat day and night was fine and they only woke 1 in the night to feed at 3am, then again at 7am just as I hoped things were going to plan..I went back to sleep and woke gain at 9am feeling funny, as Sunday progressed I felt steadily worse, aches, fever,shivers and headache and spent most of the afternoon and all evening in bed just waking up to feed the girls. Let me tell you , you do not want to be sick with twins...Sunday night was hell,as the girls were waking up every 1-2hours to feed, I tried everything else and was still feeling awful, my boobs hurt and I was dizzy. I sent BD to the spare room to sleep as he had work on Monday (and to be honest he was irritating me asking what was wrong with them). By 5am and practically no sleep I was in tears and ready to take them back to the hospital and drop them off in cardboard box with a note saying I wasn't ready and had changed my mind, when they finally fell asleep for a few hours. Monday morning I phoned and spoke to a nurse friend of mine she diagnosed me ( correctly as it turned out today after seeing my Dr)as suffering from mastitis..hurrah..another problem in this wonderful gestation saga! I am now on a 10 day course of anti biotics and feeling a whole lot better already ( they also slept good last night which helped alot).

Well thats all for now...told you NEVER boring!!

Oh I couldn't resist the picture of the boy in his haloween outfit..ha, ha!