Thursday, November 15, 2007

OOOOO twins!!!

Phew..this is some test! Changing, feeding, burping, washing, eating, sleeping ( and not always in that order)Twins sure are hard work, I am sick of getting peed on and sicked up on!

The ladies are 8 weeks old and packing on the pounds (Eden is 6lb9 and Esme 6lb8 at the weigh in last Friday) and my boobs are feeling the pressure! I had NO problems feeding 1 baby when I had my son, but I am constantly playing catchup with 2 and have decided not to beat myself up and am starting to 'top' them up with formula if need be to stop the constant demands for I can sleep some. Don't get me wrong I like the 'full breast' thing..but I prefer having some time to 'do stuff; round the house, and get at least 3-4 hours solid sleep into my schedule too.

The really wierd thing is the 'SEMI celebrity status' we have achieved just by procreating 2 babies at once...I can't walk 10meters without someone stopping me..OOOOOOO twins!!! I am thinking about getting a T-shirt that answers all the questions......YES THEY ARE TWINS..2 GIRLS...YES THEY ARE IDENTICAL...YES THEY ARE SMALL THEY WERE PREMATURE...NO THEY WEREN"T THROUGH FERTILITY TREATMENT.....honestly!

Have had some friends round a few times and try to get out ( just to the store) at least 1/day..but beyond that I am pretty much house bound and beholden to these eating/pooping machines that I love dearly. My boy Dylan is SO great and helps Mamma out as much as he can..but I think he is feeling the pressure as today he disappeared down stairs with our room mate Jill ( his 21 year old girlfriend) and skipped back up in his underwear covered in make up..obviously too many female hormones in the house..BD was disgusted when he came home from work...thinks I am turning Dylan gay! I just laughed.

Days just melt into each other and I am just looking forward to my folks coming for Xmas, as I have to admit I miss my Mum...can't wait to see her and Dad with their new grandchildren!

Have posted the most recent pics for your pleasure and will try to keep the updates coming.