Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Out of the mouth of babes.........

A sneak peek into our daily life….

BD likes to challenge our son D..and takes Fatherly pride in the fact , that at the tender age of 3 he can do 15 proper push ups in a row.. As I have mentioned before BD used to play sport professionally, and as such is very competitive by nature…We found out the little guy could do push ups about 8 months ago, and since that time at any family gathering, web cam session with friends and relatives back in the UK or when any of his friends visit the house and D is around BD shows off his sons party trick…..now don’t get me wrong, I find it funny, and can easily turn into the generic ‘proud mum’ that thinks her kid is ‘ever so advanced’, BD however never seems to tire of it, and if the poor kid is not feeling like showing off that day ( which to be honest doesn’t happen very often) , or is too distracted to do them properly BD threatens him with things like..”if you want to go swimming tomorrow..you’ll do 10 push ups” or he’ll offer gum or ice cream as an incentive ..poor kid, he falls for it every time..and does his trick and Daddy is satisfied once more..That was until the other night when D finally realized what BD was up to, and after the asking, pleading, reverse psychology( “ I don’t think you can even do push ups “) failed , the threats became the last resort…..” If you don’t do 5 push ups your not going to the beach this weekend” D looked long and hard at BD and said .. “Daddy you’re fired! “ …I was having my 1 glass of wine ( BD bought me a bottle for a surprise, as I had a really long day at work) , and snorted so hard that the mouth full of wine I had been savoring shot up the back of my nose and frothed out my nostrils…..What a classic retort from a 3 year old! He really does make me laugh!
I can only imagine what a zoo this place is going to turn into with 2 more kids....

Monday, May 28, 2007

A controversial subject …..what do you think?

BD and I are arguing!
Now, this itself is not an uncommon occurrence in our household..I must clarify that I am not talking about ‘plate smashing’ physical or ‘serious’ relationship ending arguments here..more of the niggly, living together on a daily basis, simmering kind..you know what I mean..he drops his clothes on the floor for the 50th time in a row, and instead of me picking them up and putting them away..I snap and scream about ‘teenage behavior’ or I wonder out loud , in an irritated tone how the heck we are supposed to teach good manners and respect to our 3 year old, if Daddy still hasn’t learnt at 32! This outburst generally makes him snap back some remark about ‘crazy womans ( or most recently pregnancy) hormones’..which only serves to enrage me further. After a little ‘silent period’ he accepts he is wrong and I am right…and then for at least 2 -3 days the clothes make it to the washing hamper or closet, before the cycle starts once more.

This argument is different, you see he is calling into question my mothering, or more to the point, my baby ‘hosting’ skills…we are arguing about DRINKING WHILE PREGNANT…..what is there to argue about I hear you shout…well let me tell you.
I am from Europe, specifically the UK and things over the pond are different to here in lots of ways ….I was under the impression that I would not experience much of a culture shock moving from England to Canada..but I was wrong…and in fact the longer I am here, the more differences I notice. The most obvious example would be language..i don’t know what Canadians speak but a lot of the time it isn’t English as I know it! Take the word FANNY..in Canada & the US this means bum, backside or arse, and I’m told it is quite a nice, cute term..but not in the UK..where fanny is actually slang for a womans V-Jay-Jay( thanks Oprah for that term..love it!)
..so when people are talking about ‘fanny packs’ or ‘perky fannies’ I start sniggering like a 12 year old!

So, anyway, back on subject …in Europe women who are pregnant DRINK! ! Yes, that’s right, they do it at home and in restaurants…and NO ONE bats an eye….do you know why? I’ll tell you..they do not get drunk, in fact they don’t really DRINK ..they just have A DRINK.. and this is the point I am trying to make to BD!
What makes this ‘argument’ even more annoying, is that I had the occasional drink when I was pregnant in the UK with my 3 year old son..and BD didn’t even comment on it, in fact he would pour me a glass of red wine in a restaurant without me even asking him too…JUST 1 though..no more. My friends didn’t act shocked or disgusted, and I never had more than 1 glass of wine or a Guinness ( full of IRON..which is GREAT for pregnant woman) in a day, and no more than 3 units a week..which is considered the safe standard in the UK by the Government.
But here the ‘social stigma’ seems to be different..it is almost implied that 1 glass of wine will disfigure the fetus for life….will cause unknown complications and low birth weight, fetal alcohol syndrome etc..etc....…Radio and TV ads say ” NO AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL IS SAFE WHILE PREGNANT” ….I am sorry but that is just WRONG!

I love a glass of red wine with dinner.. and it’s not hurting me, OR my precious cargo inside of me. In fact red wine has MANY health benefits..for the cardiovascular system, for the brain ( it has found to be a factor in preventing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other brain conditions) , it has tumor fighting properties for some cancers, can de-stress and relax you..and is packed full of flavanoids ( antioxidants) ..it is now accepted that the FRENCH have been right all along ( this does not happen very often) .. 1 glass RED wine is a fantastic addition to a healthy lifestyle! I REST MY CASE!

I am not saying that drinking alcohol while pregnant should be promoted, as clearly a bottle of wine or 10 Vodkas is not something that any mother should drink, as it is clearly a bad choice for her..and her baby…but it should not be said that a tiny amount of alcohol, for relaxing and enjoying with food is going to do anything to harm babies..as there is absolutely NO evidence that shows this.. in fact a recent European study , actually says a small glass of red wine every day is a BENEFIT to mother and Baby..so there, I say let your common sense prevail..I am already struggling to get off to sleep on a night at 16 weeks pregnant, in 4 weeks or so I will have not 1 but 2 babies kicking me , and my ever growing bump will make it even harder to settle..if a small glass of wine helps..you bet I will be having one! Rather that then Nytols or hot baths!
There are so many things that are worse to have in pregnancy than the occasional drink…Coffee is FULL of toxins ( de-caf even more so if you can believe it) , Tea ..not as much but still not good, sugary pop is bad full stop.. gassy ( if you are pregnant you do not need anything to increase GAS let me tell you) and bad for already sensitive gums, Tuna fish is full of mercury …hell, even fresh air is bad due to traffic pollution these days! If we have muscle pain we can’t go in the Sauna, if we have a headache we can’t take an aspirin…and when driving around in our cars there are lunatics on the roads every day going to fast, or not watching where they are going..It’s a jungle out there!

I don’t know if BD and I will come to an agreement on this subject, but I keep emailing him arguments, studies and articles backing up my position, and he hasn’t said anything for a while..perhaps I should strike a deal with him..If I can’t have 1 more drink while I am pregnant..neither can he!! I am sure given that option, he will be offering me a glass by dinner time tonight!

Anyhow, I will be interested to hear what my friends and others think on this subject.

Returning to other news, Dr M’s office called to say my 1st scan appointment at the hospital will be on Wed June 6th , I have to drink 4 x 8oz glasses of water , so I have a full bladder for a better picture…this makes my legs cross just thinking about it..as it is, I just have to look at water and I need the bathroom…the thought of having 4 glasses then someone bouncing up and down on my full bladder for 30mins with a scanner makes me feel positively ill! Oh well, I just hope that that will be the day they find a membrane..and I can stop dwelling on what may happen…….

Till next time…

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Answers please!

So..guess you are wondering what happened .....

The long holiday weekend was pretty uneventful, and it just seemed to drag on...as we waited for Tuesday's scan and appointment with Dr M. I took it really easy, as I hadn't stopped bleeding entirely..not much to speak of really..just enough to make me a little more anxious( if that was possible).
To make matters worse blood is appearing from my other orifices too!!My nose is really annoying as I keep having nose bleeds..and brushing my teeth creates a tidal wave of blood in the sink..nice!! Apparently your gums and the skin of the inner nose is similar to your womb lining..and when you are pregnant it is extra sensitive..ahh the joys of motherhood and pregnancy!! Virgins take note..this is the mess SEX can get you into!

I didn't sleep well on Monday night and Tuesday couldn't come too soon..the tension had been hanging in the house, and if we had waited any longer I think BD and I would have killed each other. It's just so frustrating when something is so completely out of your control..he probably didn't know what to say for the best, and he does tend to dwell on the negative sometimes( he says he's a realist) ..and I was trying to be my normal positive self..whilst fighting the horrible fears and thoughts that were popping into my head. On the way to the Dr's I couldn't help but think..what if we get there, and 1 or both have died..and I didn't even know...because that's what can happen to mono-mono twins..horrible!

The ultra sound Dr was great, and to my utter relief the babies were just fine, and putting on a little show for Daddy...now that I KNEW what to ask, I said we'd been told they were mono-mono twins as there was no dividing membrane..was this true?? After some more measurements and a closer looking he had to admit that he still didn't see a membrane..and when i asked more questions he told me to speak to Dr M ..who really was the expert.. BD then took the opportunity to ask if he could tell the sex of the babies..again he said it was too early to be sure...BD looked annoyed and muttered something about seeing something on the scan...yeah right.. wishful thinking!! The Dr printed off a scan picture for us to take home,which was taken looking down on the tops of the 2 heads ( see scan pics I have attached)...they are SO close and look like they are touching..in fact they are almost spooning each other....which means they must take after me ..as BD thinks spooning is 'gay' ( along with holding hands in public and any form of PDA...professional sportsman thing again!), and only partakes in it with me a few times a year..under duress!

We were ushered into an examination room to await Dr M..I had a big list of questions to ask, from our research..and was nervously rustling the papers when she came in. Dr M has come highly recommended and everyone I have spoken to has said she's the best in the city..so I was happy to see her. She comes across as very professional and answered all our questions efficiently and to our satisfaction...unlike other horror stories I had read she was not all 'gloom & doom' about mono-mono twins, and had dealt with a few in her time ..with 'favourable outcomes' ( I didn't ask what she meant by that). She said that 8/10 times this situation arose they actually found a separating membrane at some point on the scans (as the babies get bigger it is easier to see apparently)..but she was going to be treating them as mono-mono twins until that membrane was found...hurrah an optimist like me!!

She said we were going to be sick of scans, as from now on we are having scans every 2 weeks at the University hospital fetal unit , on the most powerful Ultra Sound and scanning equipment, that would be much more in depth and done by the specialist sonographer! I felt INSTANTLY relieved..this woman KNOWS whats she's talking about..we both feel like the babies are in safe hands! Although we still do not know 100% definitely what the situation is.

We left happier than we arrived, although I was a bit annoyed that I hadn't had a pelvic exam..bloody typical, i am all clean, tidy and ready for it..expecting this Dr's thorough exam to include it..like all the others..and for the first bloody time I kept my knickers on in a Dr's office in Canada! BD found this amusing!

Well then, back to work..life as normal..however everyone at work is now staring at my bump before giving me eye contact( the twin secret is out)....my wonderful jiggly boobs are once again being ignored! My bump seems to have taken on a life of it's own..and is growing by the hour, and I have had a few people who I don't know ask .." ahh..so whens your baby due?" when I respond I don't really know, as it's twins..I become REALLY interesting and they look either shocked, amused or pitiful ( or all 3 one after each other)..but mostly just laugh and shake their heads! My clients and colleagues mostly laugh and remind me of my 'plan' to return to work straight after the baby was born!! Yeh, yeh..that will teach me to be so blase!

Some GREAT things about being pregnant with twins..
1. The Dr said I can eat ....wait for it......3200 calories a day!!!! YES..stuffing my face under Dr's orders ..what a result!!
2. I don't have to suck my belly in anymore! In fact it is impossible!!
3. If there are no seats in a room or meeting , someone gives me theirs..nice.
4. BD HAS COOKED DINNER TWICE in FOUR DAYS!!!!!! Previous to this it was twice in 4 years!!!!What a star ( and both meals were good!! Bison burger and blue cheese on the BBQ with salad , then Perogies and potatoes the next time!!)
5. The Dr said I shouldn't do any housework or lifting!!HURRAH!!! I had stopped our 2 gay cleaners in April to save cash....I can now get them to come back again..Dr's orders!( I missed them dreadfully..they had wonderful gossip and are ever so bitchy..I am such a FAG HAG..oh , and they cleaned beautifully..perfect men!)

I am sure as I get ever bigger this list Will grow...however I am more sure..that the list titled "some things NOT great about being pregnant with twins" is going to be VASTLY longer!

Off to have a bath...whilst I can still get in and out without a hoist and pulley system!

X slw X

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Knowledge is power!! Or does it do more harm than good?

So where were we......

I was laid in the DR's office watching 2 'mini me's' on the Ultra Sound screen.. already vying for my attention by pushing each other out of the way and waving to me from their watery world. The Dr was doing measurements and talking to me , but I wasn't really taking it in or listening to him to be honest..I was transfixed by the screen and the movement of the twins inside of me. I remember noting a few things that he said 'definitely identical twins, 1 low lying placenta, same sac, right size for dates, look healthy' and then he printed off 2 pictures for me to take home (they are now on the fridge door in the kitchen)and I went for lunch with a friend, before I had my appointment with the OB Dr S.

This is when life just isn't fair! I cannot tell you how much I wanted to have a drink just then.. but of course my body is not my own anymore..I am just the host who's job it is to provide the best possible environment for these cute, tiny little parasites ( I mean that in the nicest way of course). Had a lovely lunch..BUGGER Salads..I ordered Chicken Quesidilla, Fries and GRAVY ..eating for 3 don't you know! I kept on sneaking a peak of my pictures and laughing..feels like I am in a dream..I called BD and told him the latest news..He is PRAYING for boys..as an ex-pro sports man, apparently identical twin girls is his biggest NIGHTMARE ( I don't know what that says about pro-sportsman..or his checkered past before i 'saved' him..but I won't dwell on that line of thought right now).However his MALE testosterone status has shot through the roof..and in his eyes ( and other Males) ..he is Super virile and fertile..in fact ..he thinks that identical twins confirms that his sperm swims that fast and are that powerful that they literally shot up my cervix as fast as a runaway train and hit the poor egg ( that was minding it's own business ) with the force of a speeding bullet..so hard it split in two!!I am happy to let him amuse himself with these thoughts..if they make him happy...

Dr S seemed like a very nice lady, and gave me a brief exam ..including ANOTHER internal..Jeez, these Canadian Dr's sure don't mind getting their hands dirty ...I didn't have 1 internal my whole 1st pregnancy except on the day of D's birth when I was in labour...and by then you could have shoved the Eiffel Tower up there sidewards and I wouldn't have felt a thing..how I LOVE Epidurals!
After that was over she invited me into her office and explained why they were so eager to see me, and determine what type of twins I was having...She said the scan indicated I had identical twins, with a low lying placenta ( which could be why I had bled, but that was not a worry right now as they usually rise with twins), the worrying thing on the scan was that they are in the same sac..this made the pregnancy high risk, i would almost certainly be getting a C-Section early and would be monitored closely throughout my pregnancy and she was referring me to a Dr M, whose special field of interest was twins! She didn't make a big issue, and I knew nothing about twins..so had no questions about the most recent news, and besides by this point I was tired from the last 24 hours excitement and was eager to get home, so i thanked her and under her advice made an appointment in 4 weeks for another scan and a consultation with Dr M.

So, I went home, told BD the 'news'..and we of course turned to THE WEB for clarification and information!!!!!

So here is the 'technical bit'and what we found out...most people know that you can have either Identical or non-identical( aka fraternal)twins..

Fraternal twins are when the mother produces 2 eggs that are fertilized and they have their own little worlds inside the mothers womb( a placenta each and their own sacs they grow in)..These are the most common twins, and generally have the least problems.

Identical Twins are less common ( 1 in 333 births) and are created when 1 fertilized egg SPLITS in two..and there are 3 types of identical twins depending on WHEN the egg splits:

1. An early split (0-3days) results in 2 placentas, 2 outersacs and 2 inner sacs ( and you will not know if they are identical till blood tests are taken, as they look like fraternal twins from the ultra sound)...this is about 20-25% of ID twins( known as DIA-DIA twins).
2. A split between 3-7days results in 1 shared placenta, 1 outer(chorion) sac and 2 inner ( or amniotic) sac..this is the vast majority of ID twins ..about 75%-80%.(DIA-MONO twins)
3. A late split ( 8-13 days) results in 1 placenta, 1 chorion sac and 1 amniotic sac ..so nothing separates the twins from each other..This is the rarest type of twin..an occurs in about 1% of ID twins..and they are called MONO-MONO twins.

GUESS WHAT WE WERE TOLD WE HAVE?????? I TOLD you nothing normal happens to me...Dr S said we have MONO-MONO Twins!! Do you know how small a number 1% of 1 in 333 is!! Quick buy me a friggin lottery ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All jokes aside for the time being...friends..this is not good..having 2 babies puts you in a high risk group compared to normal single births anyhow ..add sharing the same food supply source( placenta) and being able to get tangled up together( the cords are floating free in the same space as the 2 babies..and an average cord is 51cm long!)..means RISK, on top of RISK on top of RISK! When we saw all of this online, together with fetal morality rates of 50% quoted ...the wind well and truly came out of our sails!

I'll give you a brief idea of how this will effect our 'plan'..if this is DEFINITELY the case and they are Mono-Mono.

Plan pre Twins
1 Baby
Give birth at 40weeks 11th Nov
Work right up to beg Nov
Healthy Full term baby

MONO-MONO Reality:
Hopefully both babies survive to viability.
Try and get to 32 weeks ( mid SEPTEMBER)
Hospital bed rest from 24 weeks ( JULY)
Premature babies in NCIU for weeks

After reading all this info and talking online to Mono-mono mums on a great website www.monoamniotic.org , we knew we needed to get this diagnosis confirmed asap.
I managed to get the appointment for another Ultra Sound and consultation with DR M ( the specialist) moved to Tuesday after begging my family DR to pull some favours ...scarily he wasn't aware of this condition..I had to tell him all about it, as it's so rare! Everyone in the family is worried and I can't stand knowing TOO much but not knowing enough.....

Needless to say the 5km runs and housework has stopped...it's feet up time for this big mamma!

Please cross your fingers AND toes for us on Tuesday.......just this ONE TIME I would like to be 'normal'.

Bye for now

Friday, May 18, 2007

Oh heck!! Just when you thought life was easy......

I guess I better introduce myself..and explain why I have decided to clog up this little bit of world wide web space with my insane and crazy ramblings...that is assuming that anyone actually finds this stuff vaguely interesting of course.....

My name for the purposes of this blog is slw, at this point i have no intention of revealing my true identity for a few reasons.
1. I am probably going to reveal pretty embarrassing & personal stuff for the purposes of relieving my life's current stress's through humour and honesty.
2. My partner would be mortified if anyone knew that he was living with such a screw ball..I hide my insanity fairly well in front of his family & friends.
3. I have heard there are weird psychos out there in cyberspace and I don't want to be hunted down and murdered in my bed by a crazed stalker.

However I do dream of the day when I am offered large amounts of money to write a book and unveil my identity..until then slw will just have to do!

So, why the heck have I started this 'therapy' now? Well a little background for you....

I am a 32year old English woman who emigrated to Canada from the UK last year with my Canadian fiance ( lets call him 'big daddy' or BD for the purposes of this blog) . BD and I have been together for over 4years and have a beautiful 3year old son, we live in a nice small city, we live in a nice house and we both have normal jobs that pay well...in fact we are pretty lucky and life is good.
I have had a very interesting & colorful life so far, lots of travel, great experiences and I am lucky to have amazing & wonderful friends all over the world..however.if they were asked they would be sure to tell you that I am one of those people ( we all know them) ..that always has strange and funny things happen to them ...yet another of these 'life events' has prompted me to start writing this blog. BD actually suggested I write a book, but I think of myself as quite modern, and a blog just seemed easier some how.

In about late Jan this year BD and I decided ( in a moment of red wine induced idiocy may I add) to have another baby..now this in itself is quite a momentous event, as our son D was the most fabulous mistake either of us has ever made. But ..no WE were all grown up and we were going to actually PLAN this child ..like 'normal' people do, you see I am an only child and always planned on 2 kids, and BD liked the idea of more too...so what the hell..lets DO IT! I think the fact that it was mid winter and -25degrees outside may have influenced our decision..and to be frank, there is not really much else to do round these parts but try to keep warm till Spring arrives.

So pills were thrown away, sexy underwear dusted off and we hopped into bed like giggling teenagers pretending to be grown up..we were going to MAKE A BABY!
Our conflicting work schedules at the time did not really allow for frequent attempts, but we weren't desperately trying , and to be honest i think we both kinda forgot about it after the red wine wore off.
A little while later BD decided to resign from his job, and it occur ed to me it would probably be a good idea if i went back on the pill, as he should really find a new job he liked before we went ahead with mission 'planned baby'.

After a work party a week or so later, I felt really ( REALLY) shitty..and looked even worse..I had enjoyed a few drinks ( ok..a few more than a few ) the night before ..but I hadn't been on a major bender or anything..and it was whilst walking round Costco later that afternoon that it occurred to me that I should probably get a pregnancy test ..as I was sure I was overdue.....YES you guessed it..mission well and truly accomplished..
REALITY HITS ..Followed swiftly by PANIC and DISBELIEF! It is obvious that we are really, really good at this baby making stuff!!!!!!!

So now we know each other a little better..the story Truly begins to unfold.

I am sure that the vast majority of people who read this have either been pregnant themselves, had a partner who is pregnant or at least known SOMEONE who is or has been pregnant..it is not that unusual...although it has to be said, that until you become pregnant yourself you don't realize what all the fuss is about!
In fact pre having my son i just thought it was a good excuse to eat what you want and get fat for 9 months ..I never really thought about it very deeply or knew the problems and issues motherhood and pregnancy bring into your life. It was like a secret club that you never knew existed till all of a sudden you join the ranks of the 'knocked up' and the members only lounge suddenly appears as if by magic all around you! Weird.

So I had been through all this before, and although pretty shocked at the suddenness of my condition and how bloody fast & efficiently 'mission planned baby' had been completed...(TAKE NOTE George Bush), I was ready and more than capable of once again breezing through pregnancy and birth, having a beautiful, easy child and juggling our lives so efficiently that we hardly felt a thing! Just like last time!
I told my boss, said I didn't need a year off, 3 months is fine thanks..come on most of the women round the world drop a baby in the dirt and go back to work the next day...I didn't need 1 year..I didn't need 3 months really , I just wanted 3 months to enjoy the holiday and the special time with the newest family addition. Oh , and I told my boss not to worry..i don't get morning sickness, I will work right up to the birth..no worries here, no special treatment ..hey I LOVE my job..don't worry about targets being missed..that's not me ..no way!

And so, it went on, just as i predicted, no morning sickness, no silly cravings, no missed days at work...did have a few things different to last time though...VERY thirsty all the time, I was peeing on average 25 times a day( which is really annoying), very, very tired between 6-11 weeks of my pregnancy and worst.. the most bum bursting, pile forming constipation I could imagine!
...NOW friends (this is where the honest and embarrassing stuff comes in that i mentioned in my introduction) I am generally a very regular girl, 2 times a day in fact is usual for me.. so imagine my shock when i just STOPPED going for a poo! FOR DAYS! And when i did go it was like trying to pass a large slab of dry jagged concrete! OUCH is not the word! At one point, I was in the ladies 2nd floor bathroom at work for 25minutes trying to pass what felt to be a half ton piece of glass from my backside, and i started to panic..what if it's stuck ? Should I shout for help? Should i ask for someone to get me some KY jelly? Would I have to perform a self inflicted EPISIOTOMY just 12 weeks into my pregnancy so i could give birth to this large POO? Just at that point and to my utter relief, with one last ( very painful push) I was relieved of having to take any of the considered action..and then and there I realised that i would never again think people with constipation should stop whinging about how it effects their lives! I am telling you it KILLS, and every trip to the bathroom was a nightmare. THANK god by 12 weeks this symptom ceased and I was back to my old faithful 2 dumps a day bowels ( how I appreciate them now!).

A fantastic thing about being pregnant ( for me anyhow) is BOOBS!! Wonderful , marvelous, full ,bouncy, firm, traffic stopping, jiggly BOOBS! Hurrah! Generally I am as little as you can get.. a pathetically small 34a. I used to be a reasonably small 34B, but after my first pregnancy and 6 months of breast feeding they returned to trainer bra status ( although they started about 1 inch further down my chest than they used to be before I got pregnant..NO FAIR!)..so I am determined to make the most of these suckers ( excuse the pun) , because I KNOW that i only have them for a very short time , before the next baby sucks the last life and shred of elasticity out of them! And just to top it off..they seemed to be growing bigger by the day, way faster than last time...this was GREAT!Ok, so my belly was starting to show too..but that coz it's baby number 2..my friend with 2 had warned me you show earlier...heck..who cares..no one is looking at my pot belly when they can look at my fabulous,bountiful cleavage in my newly purchased low V neck tops!

I went to the Dr's for my 1st pre natal appointment..What an experience that was! I had an appointment booked and when I was called through the nurse took my blood pressure and weighed me at her nurses station, then led me into the Dr's examination room ( small room with desk, a few chairs and a built in bed.) , she said I may as well get undressed and the Dr would be in to see me presently. I asked what did I need to take off? She said that I was having a full medical checkup, I said I didn't think I had ever had a 'full medical check up' before, so didn't know what clothes to take off...she said 'everything but your smile' and patted the bed. Yikes! Now i am not overly shy, but taking all your clothes off and sitting waiting for a Dr you have never met to come in felt rather uncomfortable! Glad i had had a shave in the bath the night before that's for sure! Luckily there were some magazines on the desk , so after I had got starkers I sat pretending to read an article on research development advancements towards the cure for Lupus...it's surprising how much a magazine can cover up if you bend over a little! Eventually the Dr arrived, he was very pleasant and handed me a paper sheet ( THANKS NURSE!) to cover up a little and went through a list of questions etc.. he checked everything from my boobs( I could tell he was impressed), reflexes, eyes and thyroid...and then disappeared and came back with a fetal heart monitor and he managed VERY easily to pick up the babies heart beat ( So I know it's real!) .it was very strong and he was happy and it confirmed what i thought with my dates ..I was 11weeks and the due date given was November 13th. Usually 2nd pregnancies mirror the 1st ( see you guys wouldn't know this!), so as i was 2 days early and delivered D in under 6 hours, he would expect the same kind of time line for this one ( labour probably quicker YIKES!..I have requested that they just put me in hospital a week before on an epidural 'just in case' ) . He explained that he would see me up until week 36 , then I would see the lady doctor in the surgery who is the expert at delivering babies ( no midwives system here), and she would take me through and deliver the baby when the time came. I planned see him in 4 weeks then he would book my first scan .. He then sent me off to the lab ( attached to the surgery) next door for blood work... JESUS....the med assistant could NOT get blood out of my right arm..after some wiggling about which started me feeling a bit queasy... he then poked my left arm and very slowly filled 2 of the 5 vials that he asked me to pass him...i felt my vision getting spottier and got a hot sweat..before i said " I feel a little faint" ...I woke up with my head on a nurses shoulder and an ice pack on my neck. She lead me to a room with a bed where i lay for 20mins before she filled the other 3 vials ..(with out any poking or wiggling thank god) and i set off home! So that was quite the experience!! Apart from that i was feeling fine, I was getting over the initial fatigue and was full of energy. Actually jogged to the gym and back for a work out..was determined to put on NO more than 25lb this time...NOT 60lb like last time! I was eating a little too much earlier, and now the warm weather had arrived it was salads, exercise and fresh air for this Mum to be!
I was going to pop this sucker out and be back into my jeans by Xmas!! EASY! Or..so I thought....

Life was great, summers well on the way i am jogging 5k with a friend 2/week..feeling fabulous..we'd told all our friends and family as we were passed the '3month'mark that everyone who is pregnant can't wait to pass ( that's when most miscarriages occur), our son D was a little disappointed he was getting a baby brother or sister instead of the puppy that he had requested..but he is a real laid back happy little chappy and was kissing the baby in Mummy belly every night, and seemed to 'kind of'understand what was gong on...BLISS..that was until Sunday 13th May ( Mothers day in Canada), I had an active day of walks, gardening and going to the gym and after putting D to bed and watching Desperate Housewives ( I LOVE Lynettes parenting skills), I had a soak in the bath and got ready for bed...when I got out of the bath is when I realised i was bleeding ..and not from my nose either!

Calmly I told BD and got on the phone instantly to the Dr's. He advised me to go straight to emergency...so, off we went..it was a long and silent drive across town, both of us dreading the worse, but hoping for the best..we really wanted this little bugger to be ok..we'd all ready had some TREMENDOUS arguments about names(and I just don't think naming a puppy Eliza would be right, I am against using human names on animals..told you I am weird..), and I knew that i was winning the battle ..so the baby HAD to be ok! We pulled up and went in, after nearly fainting on arrival I was put into a wheelchair to wait for our turn, and after about 25 mins in the waiting room ( full of very odd and sick people) we were led to a room by a jolly male nurse who then took my blood pressure( it was low), took blood( didn't faint this time) and put me on a drip to await the Dr. About an hour or so later the Dr appeared and checked me over, he brought in a small ultra sound machine to check to see if the baby was ok....nervous is not the word..but i tend to settle my nerves with dry humour, so to break the ice i said ...great, best check theres only 1 in there..and we all laughed a little while he squirted the freezing cold gel on my tummy.

He found the baby pretty quick and turned the screen for me to see ..i called BD over and we had a little squeeze hand and smile as we saw the tiny baby 'blob thing' on the screen. Phew!! The Dr turned the screen back round and began checking for anything that could cause the bleeding ( which by this time had stopped) ..as I watched him he started to look puzzled and was intently staring at the screen as he scanned my belly from one side to the other...I could see something was up.he looked at me , and said
You know I am not an Ultra Sound expert, and I wouldn't normally say anything..but ( at this point he turned the screen to face me again)..there are definitely two babies in there

OH MY GOD!!!!! THIS WAS NOT IN THE PLAN!!!! 2 children MAXIMUM was my life plan...EVERYONE knew that!There are NO twins in my family..what the hell!!!
BD just laughed and said "I said you're belly was much bigger than last time" we were both shocked and after the Dr left the room to hunt down an Obstetrician, we just stared into space , looked over at each other..laughed ..then stared into space again. after what seemed like an eternity the young lady OB arrived, confirmed by means of an internal ( YUCK! hate them..especially with BD sat in the room with a dumb smirk on his face as i get into the dreaded stirrups) , and checking the size of the uterous ( much bigger than for a single baby at this stage) and gave me a number to call in the morning at 8am , to get an appointmnet at the high risk pregnancy unit with a Dr S , for a better Ultra sound to determine what 'type ' of twins we were having( what theres types of twins! thats news to me!)....after congratulating us she sent us home, and that was that!!!

After VERY little sleep i went to the Dr's office in the morning and had an Ultra Sound which confirmed the twins, they looked healthy and the right size,and the hearts were beating nice and strongly..then the Dr turned to me and said ...Congratulations on your IDENTICAL twins!! COME ON !! STOP WITH ALL THE SURPRISES ALLREADY!!!!!!!!!I cannot take any more shocks to the system..little did I know then that there were more to come..but you, my friends can wait for that on my next post...as it's late and i am tired ...speak to you soon.