Saturday, May 19, 2007

Knowledge is power!! Or does it do more harm than good?

So where were we......

I was laid in the DR's office watching 2 'mini me's' on the Ultra Sound screen.. already vying for my attention by pushing each other out of the way and waving to me from their watery world. The Dr was doing measurements and talking to me , but I wasn't really taking it in or listening to him to be honest..I was transfixed by the screen and the movement of the twins inside of me. I remember noting a few things that he said 'definitely identical twins, 1 low lying placenta, same sac, right size for dates, look healthy' and then he printed off 2 pictures for me to take home (they are now on the fridge door in the kitchen)and I went for lunch with a friend, before I had my appointment with the OB Dr S.

This is when life just isn't fair! I cannot tell you how much I wanted to have a drink just then.. but of course my body is not my own anymore..I am just the host who's job it is to provide the best possible environment for these cute, tiny little parasites ( I mean that in the nicest way of course). Had a lovely lunch..BUGGER Salads..I ordered Chicken Quesidilla, Fries and GRAVY ..eating for 3 don't you know! I kept on sneaking a peak of my pictures and laughing..feels like I am in a dream..I called BD and told him the latest news..He is PRAYING for an ex-pro sports man, apparently identical twin girls is his biggest NIGHTMARE ( I don't know what that says about pro-sportsman..or his checkered past before i 'saved' him..but I won't dwell on that line of thought right now).However his MALE testosterone status has shot through the roof..and in his eyes ( and other Males) ..he is Super virile and fact ..he thinks that identical twins confirms that his sperm swims that fast and are that powerful that they literally shot up my cervix as fast as a runaway train and hit the poor egg ( that was minding it's own business ) with the force of a speeding hard it split in two!!I am happy to let him amuse himself with these thoughts..if they make him happy...

Dr S seemed like a very nice lady, and gave me a brief exam ..including ANOTHER internal..Jeez, these Canadian Dr's sure don't mind getting their hands dirty ...I didn't have 1 internal my whole 1st pregnancy except on the day of D's birth when I was in labour...and by then you could have shoved the Eiffel Tower up there sidewards and I wouldn't have felt a I LOVE Epidurals!
After that was over she invited me into her office and explained why they were so eager to see me, and determine what type of twins I was having...She said the scan indicated I had identical twins, with a low lying placenta ( which could be why I had bled, but that was not a worry right now as they usually rise with twins), the worrying thing on the scan was that they are in the same sac..this made the pregnancy high risk, i would almost certainly be getting a C-Section early and would be monitored closely throughout my pregnancy and she was referring me to a Dr M, whose special field of interest was twins! She didn't make a big issue, and I knew nothing about had no questions about the most recent news, and besides by this point I was tired from the last 24 hours excitement and was eager to get home, so i thanked her and under her advice made an appointment in 4 weeks for another scan and a consultation with Dr M.

So, I went home, told BD the 'news'..and we of course turned to THE WEB for clarification and information!!!!!

So here is the 'technical bit'and what we found out...most people know that you can have either Identical or non-identical( aka fraternal)twins..

Fraternal twins are when the mother produces 2 eggs that are fertilized and they have their own little worlds inside the mothers womb( a placenta each and their own sacs they grow in)..These are the most common twins, and generally have the least problems.

Identical Twins are less common ( 1 in 333 births) and are created when 1 fertilized egg SPLITS in two..and there are 3 types of identical twins depending on WHEN the egg splits:

1. An early split (0-3days) results in 2 placentas, 2 outersacs and 2 inner sacs ( and you will not know if they are identical till blood tests are taken, as they look like fraternal twins from the ultra sound)...this is about 20-25% of ID twins( known as DIA-DIA twins).
2. A split between 3-7days results in 1 shared placenta, 1 outer(chorion) sac and 2 inner ( or amniotic) sac..this is the vast majority of ID twins ..about 75%-80%.(DIA-MONO twins)
3. A late split ( 8-13 days) results in 1 placenta, 1 chorion sac and 1 amniotic sac nothing separates the twins from each other..This is the rarest type of occurs in about 1% of ID twins..and they are called MONO-MONO twins.

GUESS WHAT WE WERE TOLD WE HAVE?????? I TOLD you nothing normal happens to me...Dr S said we have MONO-MONO Twins!! Do you know how small a number 1% of 1 in 333 is!! Quick buy me a friggin lottery ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All jokes aside for the time being...friends..this is not good..having 2 babies puts you in a high risk group compared to normal single births anyhow ..add sharing the same food supply source( placenta) and being able to get tangled up together( the cords are floating free in the same space as the 2 babies..and an average cord is 51cm long!)..means RISK, on top of RISK on top of RISK! When we saw all of this online, together with fetal morality rates of 50% quoted ...the wind well and truly came out of our sails!

I'll give you a brief idea of how this will effect our 'plan'..if this is DEFINITELY the case and they are Mono-Mono.

Plan pre Twins
1 Baby
Give birth at 40weeks 11th Nov
Work right up to beg Nov
Healthy Full term baby

MONO-MONO Reality:
Hopefully both babies survive to viability.
Try and get to 32 weeks ( mid SEPTEMBER)
Hospital bed rest from 24 weeks ( JULY)
Premature babies in NCIU for weeks

After reading all this info and talking online to Mono-mono mums on a great website , we knew we needed to get this diagnosis confirmed asap.
I managed to get the appointment for another Ultra Sound and consultation with DR M ( the specialist) moved to Tuesday after begging my family DR to pull some favours ...scarily he wasn't aware of this condition..I had to tell him all about it, as it's so rare! Everyone in the family is worried and I can't stand knowing TOO much but not knowing enough.....

Needless to say the 5km runs and housework has's feet up time for this big mamma!

Please cross your fingers AND toes for us on Tuesday.......just this ONE TIME I would like to be 'normal'.

Bye for now